Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Terrific Tuesday...

The One Thousand Gifts is complete, but I want to continue counting God's Glimmers of Grace that he shows me so often.  Today, I have time to recount a few...
1001. Sunny day!
1002.  Cool breezes
1003. Sleeping in...Addison, our early riser, now sleeps closer to 7 instead of 6...I love the extra lounging time in bed.
1004. Time to play in a homemade fort with Addison...a large comforter over a triangle of chairs made for a great reading nook for us while Bryan was napping.  I treasure the one on one times I have with each boy.
1005. Park time
1006. "Addison" Bryan says his brother's name now...it's so cute and clear!
1007. Forecasting plans for our trips...Lake of the Ozarks in June and a Tallahassee Football weekend in September
1008.  Adam is "home" for a visit with Jackie and Jackson...so happy they have some family time
1009. Kid's sleeping peacefully...mommy and daddy typing peacefully...good thing we have more than one computer :)
1010. Summer vacation has begun for Addison...he's officially done with preschool...he had his graduation last night...kindergarten bound!

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