Saturday, January 29, 2011


947  At 6:40 a.m. Addison and Bryan were up.  It was still dark out, and it felt really early!  However, it wasn't.  We used to wake up at this time all the time, but we were accustomed to the new later wake up time after 7 for our kids.  I'm thankful they want us first thing in the morning to accompany them downstairs.  There will come a day when they won't want to get out of bed or see us first thing in the morning!

948  I'm thankful for a bowl of cereal and hot tea with honey.  I'm waking up!

949 I'm feeling better...our colds are fading hopefully!

950 Daniel and the boys are playing video games.  I get a free moment to type uninterrupted!

Friday, January 28, 2011


941 I'm thankful for the warmth of our bed.  It's so snuggly at night, and it's perfect for afternoon rest too...on days when Addison is at school and Bryan is napping...I love to tuck in and read/watch TV!  I did that today!

942 I'm also thankful for the dripping warmth of the steam room at our gym.  It was well worth the $7 to pay our neighbor babysitter to come over to watch the children (we're all sick) so that I could go steam some of my sinus pressure away.

943 The warmth of the sunshine from the western sky.  Love that it was a warmer day! 40s!

944 I also love the warmth of hot tea on a sore throat!

945  I'm thankful for warm hugs from my husband on cold winter nights/days!

946 The warmth of a laptop computer humming and working away...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


936 Spots on the carpet at the nursing home...a woman who is on the assisted living side of the nursing home has had an accident.  The CNA and I help her clean up and change clothes.  A proud woman smiles and accepts the help offered, but she is confused.  Dementia...a world where the past memories are strong, but the new memories fade quickly.  I'm glad to have had the chance to talk with and coach this woman into accepting her new apartment, her new surroundings, and the new people who are her neighbors and helpers.

937 Spots in a woman's eyes...another patient is legally blind.  She has cloudy looking eyes.  She likely see spots of things.  She hears me, but she cannot read or clearly make out her surroundings.  She, too, has dementia.  Another lady who can only hold new information for 30-60 seconds is gone.  I like working with this one, she is kind too, and she laughs about her memory.

938  Spots on a shirt.  Another lady I worked with today had dripping of breakfast/lunch all down her nice blue shirt.  She didn't seem to mind or notice, and neither did I really mind either.  This one, too, also has dementia.  She's 93 so you may expect some memory failings by this point...funny thing is her and her 99 year old husband were living alone up until a few months ago when she had a bad fall.  Now they are both in the nursing home, and unfortunately on separate sides.  Her husband is more spry and independent despite his older age so he's on the assisted living side while my patient, his wife, is on the skilled care side.  Spots of time escape her, but she still has spots of time with her husband near by for visits.

939  Spots of weakness.  One of my other female patients has spots of weakness in her face and neck due to a second stroke.  She thankfully recovers well, and she is of clear cognition.  Frustrations mount though as she strives to regain her facial symmetry and decrease her slurred speech.

940  Spots of hope.  My one male patient at the moment is a ray of sunshine!  He is eating by mouth now instead of being tube fed...I spoke of him previously in my blog.  His nurses, wife, and I rejoice in the decreased need for his tube feedings and increase in his alertness and desire to eat and drink!  Yeah for thickener and teaspoons!  Easy does it.  Slow and steady.  He is doing well thus far!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terrific Tuesday...

925 Bryan and Addison are sleeping in these almost 8 or after most mornings!
926 Sunny day
927 Portable DVD player...allows Addison to independently watch a morning movie
928 Blueberry Bagels with butter for breakfast
929 The snow is slowly melting
930 Kid's Day Out day for Bryan
931 Dentist visit for Addison and me
932 Cell phone chat with Jackie this a.m.
933 Adam arrived safely in Korea
934 My patient at the nursing home is doing okay on his re-established diet.
935 A good neighborhood friend watched my children yesterday so I could go to work when our regular sitter was out of town on vacation.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photos of the Week 1/15-1/22/11

Banana Phone...Bryan loves to play with bananas but not eat them!

Moon dough fun!

Bryan is a peanut butter mess...he loves peanut butter very much!

Bryan likes to scribble...smiley face was done by me!

I cut Addison's ear this week in trying to give him a hair's healing well!

I love seeing snow rest on the tree branches.

Colander hat

Watermelon smile

Snowman Creation

Addison likes to rest in the snow.

Snowman Creator

Our best snowman thus far...taller than Addison!

Bryan says "eeee" for "cheese" now!

Boy Video Game Night


Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of my problems with asking God to bless my life is that I don't think I deserve His blessings. I really don't ... and neither do you. God's blessings are not based on who we are or what we deserve. I am so glad! God's blessings are unmerited gifts that are backed by the honor of His name. God loves you and wants to bless your life. Just ask. --Mary Southerland

901 Snow on the ground...a lot of it!
902 Tim, our neighbor, used his snowblower to help Daniel clear our driveway
903 Sledding time later this a.m.!
904 Fire in the fireplace...crackle crackle
905 Ice water on a dry winter throat
906 Addison and Bryan running around, giggling, and playing together!  I'm glad this day has arrived!  
907 Pampered chef party tonight!
908 Daniel can work from home
909 The smell of a fire in the fireplace and the gentle hum of our heat running
910  Friends to play with in the snow in a bit! 


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


890  Snow gently falling outside
891  Quiet house
892  Good day at work...I was able to help a tube fed man return to eating and drinking...with the help of laryngeal (throat muscle) exercises, thickener (an amazing powder that thickens liquids), and teaspoon helpful assistants to feed him...he has a lovely wife (married for 47 years!)
893  5-7 inches of snow expected tonight...sledding tomorrow!
894  Scheming about the trip to the grocery store...what do we need/want this week!?
895  Nice cell phone chat with dad
896  Addison's ear is not a point of complaint today (I cut it yesterday while trying to cut his hair...oops!)  I felt awful, but it appears to be healing all ready!
897  Bryan had no fluid/infection in either ear yesterday at the doc!
898  Daniel is now #2 in seniority in his east coast division at work.  3 of his colleagues sadly are leaving for other divisions, but now Daniel is being put in more leadership roles! 
899  Volcano remains on our table...we made a play doh volcano this fun!  Just add baking soda, dish soap and vinegar...viola!  A crazy bubbly mess.  Addison loved it.  Tupperware was perfect for catching the "lava!"
900  Celebrating that I have 100 more gratitude items to go and I'll hit ONE THOUSAND GIFTS!  Inspired by this:
Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts

Monday, January 17, 2011

Magnificent Monday...

Sleeping in until 7:30

Watching my children walk/run down the halls of our gym to the kid's area...Addison sure footed...Bryan inches along in his new (big brothers old) froggy boots.  I have one extrovert and one stays interesting.

Chatting with my friend Maryna, a woman born in the Ukraine, who now lives here and always fills a workout time with fun discussions!

Lunch with the boys

My lovely neighbor, Sarah, who graciously watched my boys on this MLK Holiday so that I could go into work for a few hours.

Working with my sweet elderly patients

Driving with piano music of David Nevue

More quiet time as Addison goes over to play at Sarah's house...Bryan naps...a long winter's nap

Play time with Bryan...such a rare treat.  We giggle, we play, he babbles, and gets so excited about the littlest things!

The smell of BBQ ribs baking in the crock pot for dinner...mmm!


Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's Saturday morning, and it's quiet.  The snow has fallen earlier in the week, and it remains.  The sun will not shine today.  The forecast cold and cloudy.  Our children sleep.  My husband sleeps.  The world seems to sleep.  Weekends are made for resting.  How nice!

Later today we'll go to soccer.  Addison and Daniel are part of the Orange Team of Grace Church.  We will have a mid-day event, which will be fun.  Later tonight Daniel and I will have a date night.  Dinner club with our neighbors.  It should be a good time!  Looking forward to our day...hope you're looking forward to yours also...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Photos of the week...

Our boys LOVE Goldfish Crackers!

Warm water fun time after sledding!

Addison took this doing dishes.

Addison's self portrait

Addison's picture of dad

Bryan in his so cute winter hat!

Bryan really liked riding rides at Chuck E Cheese

Bryan sliding down his favorite way...feet first!

New present from Aunt Sandy...a basketball hoop...he loves it!

Addison likes shooting hoops too!

Bryan our budding basketball star!

We enjoyed a real sleigh ride yesterday at Mahaffie Farm on Santa Fe Trail...the last remaining real stage coach/farm on the Santa Fe Trail.  It was cold, but neat to be pulled by real horses!  The boys and I enjoyed it.  Neat that it is in our hometown, Olathe.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My new boots!

They are paisley...similar to my background on my blog!  I love that they are sassy and warm!


 It's cold outside, but there are many things to be thankful for...

Time at the gym to play and exercise indoors
New warm snow boots!
Heat in our house
Heat in our car
Roads are clear to drive on
Sam's trip was quiet...not many people out shopping mid morning on a weekday where kids are back in school today.
Hot tea this morning
Warm hugs from Daniel before he left for work
Walking in the snow with my boys!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

861. Snow on bird feeder

862. Snow in our backyard

863.  Bryan in awe of the snow

864. Boys playing our front drive

865. Snow play with our neighbors

866. Pancakes post sledding with our neighbors

867.  Bryan has a new fascination with wipes...he likes to wipe himself and anything really!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to Gratitude...

I'm still trying to complete my list of 1000 gifts of gratitude...God's Glimmers of Grace in my here goes.
844.  Quiet rumble of the clothes dryer
845.  Lamp light
846.  Small snowflakes on my windshield today
847.  Medicine
848.  Preparing a poster display for our Women of Grace mission event...God's Children...Yours, Mine, and Ours.  We're trying to raise $26,000 to cover expenses of computer software and hardware for a United Methodist Mission Project...big undertaking!
849.  God's peace
850.  Warm clothes
851.  A warm house
852.  The ability to write checks and know there is money in the bank
853.  A hard working husband who gives me such sweet affirmations
854.  Fridays!
855.  Play group at our house this afternoon
856.  Friends to share our afternoons with!
857.  Sunlight
858.  A manager scene that has not been packed away yet
859.  Water to drink....ahhh...I needed that
860.  Blogs

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Photos of the New Year...

Patty, Me, Daniel, and Dave at our New Year's Eve Party

Tae and Shay

Tae, Shay, and the Boltons

Dad and Jared

Josh, Dave, and April

Our Spread....

Carb buffet...the breakfast of champions

Little Buddy and Papa

Helping himself to one of his favorites (and mine) PEANUT BUTTER!


Addison called his "hugging the tree"

Boys left alone this a.m...created their own jumpy place!

Also removed all the clorox wipes to the floor...

A jumpy slide!

All tuckered out from playing!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Papa departs...

Today we had to say farewell to Papa.  He had a return flight from Kansas City to Orlando today.  In fact he's still en route.  The boys and I miss him all ready!  We will look forward to a visit again soon with Granny, Papa, and their new house guests: Jackson and Jackie some time soon!  Love to all!