Wednesday, January 19, 2011


890  Snow gently falling outside
891  Quiet house
892  Good day at work...I was able to help a tube fed man return to eating and drinking...with the help of laryngeal (throat muscle) exercises, thickener (an amazing powder that thickens liquids), and teaspoon helpful assistants to feed him...he has a lovely wife (married for 47 years!)
893  5-7 inches of snow expected tonight...sledding tomorrow!
894  Scheming about the trip to the grocery store...what do we need/want this week!?
895  Nice cell phone chat with dad
896  Addison's ear is not a point of complaint today (I cut it yesterday while trying to cut his hair...oops!)  I felt awful, but it appears to be healing all ready!
897  Bryan had no fluid/infection in either ear yesterday at the doc!
898  Daniel is now #2 in seniority in his east coast division at work.  3 of his colleagues sadly are leaving for other divisions, but now Daniel is being put in more leadership roles! 
899  Volcano remains on our table...we made a play doh volcano this fun!  Just add baking soda, dish soap and vinegar...viola!  A crazy bubbly mess.  Addison loved it.  Tupperware was perfect for catching the "lava!"
900  Celebrating that I have 100 more gratitude items to go and I'll hit ONE THOUSAND GIFTS!  Inspired by this:
Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts

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