Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to Gratitude...

I'm still trying to complete my list of 1000 gifts of gratitude...God's Glimmers of Grace in my here goes.
844.  Quiet rumble of the clothes dryer
845.  Lamp light
846.  Small snowflakes on my windshield today
847.  Medicine
848.  Preparing a poster display for our Women of Grace mission event...God's Children...Yours, Mine, and Ours.  We're trying to raise $26,000 to cover expenses of computer software and hardware for a United Methodist Mission Project...big undertaking!
849.  God's peace
850.  Warm clothes
851.  A warm house
852.  The ability to write checks and know there is money in the bank
853.  A hard working husband who gives me such sweet affirmations
854.  Fridays!
855.  Play group at our house this afternoon
856.  Friends to share our afternoons with!
857.  Sunlight
858.  A manager scene that has not been packed away yet
859.  Water to drink....ahhh...I needed that
860.  Blogs

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