Friday, January 14, 2011

Photos of the week...

Our boys LOVE Goldfish Crackers!

Warm water fun time after sledding!

Addison took this doing dishes.

Addison's self portrait

Addison's picture of dad

Bryan in his so cute winter hat!

Bryan really liked riding rides at Chuck E Cheese

Bryan sliding down his favorite way...feet first!

New present from Aunt Sandy...a basketball hoop...he loves it!

Addison likes shooting hoops too!

Bryan our budding basketball star!

We enjoyed a real sleigh ride yesterday at Mahaffie Farm on Santa Fe Trail...the last remaining real stage coach/farm on the Santa Fe Trail.  It was cold, but neat to be pulled by real horses!  The boys and I enjoyed it.  Neat that it is in our hometown, Olathe.


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