Friday, January 28, 2011


941 I'm thankful for the warmth of our bed.  It's so snuggly at night, and it's perfect for afternoon rest too...on days when Addison is at school and Bryan is napping...I love to tuck in and read/watch TV!  I did that today!

942 I'm also thankful for the dripping warmth of the steam room at our gym.  It was well worth the $7 to pay our neighbor babysitter to come over to watch the children (we're all sick) so that I could go steam some of my sinus pressure away.

943 The warmth of the sunshine from the western sky.  Love that it was a warmer day! 40s!

944 I also love the warmth of hot tea on a sore throat!

945  I'm thankful for warm hugs from my husband on cold winter nights/days!

946 The warmth of a laptop computer humming and working away...

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