Monday, January 17, 2011

Magnificent Monday...

Sleeping in until 7:30

Watching my children walk/run down the halls of our gym to the kid's area...Addison sure footed...Bryan inches along in his new (big brothers old) froggy boots.  I have one extrovert and one stays interesting.

Chatting with my friend Maryna, a woman born in the Ukraine, who now lives here and always fills a workout time with fun discussions!

Lunch with the boys

My lovely neighbor, Sarah, who graciously watched my boys on this MLK Holiday so that I could go into work for a few hours.

Working with my sweet elderly patients

Driving with piano music of David Nevue

More quiet time as Addison goes over to play at Sarah's house...Bryan naps...a long winter's nap

Play time with Bryan...such a rare treat.  We giggle, we play, he babbles, and gets so excited about the littlest things!

The smell of BBQ ribs baking in the crock pot for dinner...mmm!


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