Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of my problems with asking God to bless my life is that I don't think I deserve His blessings. I really don't ... and neither do you. God's blessings are not based on who we are or what we deserve. I am so glad! God's blessings are unmerited gifts that are backed by the honor of His name. God loves you and wants to bless your life. Just ask. --Mary Southerland

901 Snow on the ground...a lot of it!
902 Tim, our neighbor, used his snowblower to help Daniel clear our driveway
903 Sledding time later this a.m.!
904 Fire in the fireplace...crackle crackle
905 Ice water on a dry winter throat
906 Addison and Bryan running around, giggling, and playing together!  I'm glad this day has arrived!  
907 Pampered chef party tonight!
908 Daniel can work from home
909 The smell of a fire in the fireplace and the gentle hum of our heat running
910  Friends to play with in the snow in a bit! 


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