Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"It snowed so it's Christmas right?!" --Addison

Addison, oh Addison, you are my "Sneaky Beaky."  This child will turn my hair gray by his teenage years.  I love him, but he does try my patience.  Yesterday, he laid on the floor at the gym while it was time to leave the building...he wanted a snack from the gym cafe.  I said, "no, let's go."  It was cold outside, and he was refusing to leave.  Finally car loaded, he kicked, screamed, and cried.  He wanted a snack, he was tired, he wanted me to drive faster, etc.  We made it home.  He came inside 10 minutes later.  He had a snack and watched his favorite short film, "Disney's Prep and Landing."  I cooked dinner...

Addison took the presents, that I had wrapped carefully and placed under the tree while he was at school yesterday, up to his room.  I was cooking dinner, and I did not see what was going on because our tree is in our front room out of line of sight from the kitchen.  He sneakily took each present up to his room and opened them all!  He came down all smiles and said, mom I have a surprise for you in my room.  When I went up there I had a feeling what I may find.  Ahhhh!  He opened everyone's presents!  We had a little chat about this being "naughty not nice."  He explained, but mom..."It snowed so it's Christmas right?!"  His angelic smiles outweigh his devilish behaviors.  Punishment was going to bed early, a talk with mom and dad, prayers of repentance, and he will be buying wrapping paper with the money he unwrapped from Grandpa Dan!  Merry Christmas.  I hope it snows where you are, or perhaps you can open a present early!  Why not?!

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