Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 2012

Things I'm grateful for today...

Early morning alone time to pray, ponder, and drink hot tea with honey while listening to the sounds of nature from our backyard,

My early riser Addison who will come out bearing his Grandma Susan's knit blankets any moment,

My husband who works so hard for our family day in and day out,

Our second son, Bryan, who will sleep in a bit and come out in his pee pee pack and tousled blonde hair sucking his thumb and seeking out a sweet breakfast treat,

Our daily commutes to Winter Park/Orlando from Longwood to have Addison attend his final days of kindergarten at Audubon Park Elementary...time flies...I remember going there myself in kindergarten-fifth grade, and now our oldest son is in grade school!

Meeting new neighbors,

Talking with old friends,

Watching TV late at night with my best friend...Daniel,

Shopping for new things for our new home yesterday and finding birthday presents along the way as well,

And finally Grace from God the Father Almighty who loves us unconditionally and strengthens us for our daily work!

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