Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday...

It's Black Friday, and I'm wearing a black t-shirt comfy and chic.  I might just have to go shopping today!  I all ready purchased a new pair of running shoes from Dick's Sporting Goods online with a $15 off coupon...nice...all in my nightgown without battling crowds! :)

For lunch today we are having our Thanksgiving feast.  That will be a crowd pleaser for sure!  Addison chopped our pecans in the nut chopper ( a job Jackie and I used to do for mom ).  My mom is buzzing around the kitchen, Bryan is napping, and Addison is enjoying cartoon time.  The weather remains gorgeous...warm and sunny.  I think it's rather chilly back in KC so we're thankful to be here in the sunshine state.  Today's top ten things of gratitude:

Waking up early with Bryan for some mommy and little boy time
Croissant for breakfast and eggs...mmm
Buying new running of my favorite things to!
Showering in peace and quiet
Wearing a new comfy dress
Watching my mom prepare the feast
Making Native American hats with Addison
Sword fighting with Addison and Bryan with wooden spoons
Preparing for shopping later this afternoon...browsing the ads
Sharing another quiet day with family

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