Friday, November 12, 2010

Grandpa Bill C...

Grandpa Bill is visiting with us from Texas for a few days.  It is nice to have him with us...we are enjoying his company, and Twinkletoes has taken a liking to him.  They have been sleeping together in the basement. :)

Today's ten items of thanks are related to our day with Bill yesterday...

Surprise gifts for Addison and Bryan...a lighted light saber and a musical lights push car
Watching Twinkletoes snuggle on Bill and play with Addison and Bryan
Watching Twinkletoes try to sneak bites of Addison's cheese stick...she really wanted it!
Bryan lifting up Twinkletoes awkwardly; she's totally tolerant
A surprise visit from a church member...I forgot I had set up...Bill was totally flexible with that
A trip to Sam's...Addison slept, Bill waited, and Bryan shopped with me...that was great!
An adult companion through Addison's afternoon tantrum after his nap
Going out to dinner at the Salty Iguana
Going to bed early knowing we were all tired from the dreary and tiring day
Waking up early to a quiet house knowing Bill has the kitten in loving arms!


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