Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dennis the Menace is Alive and Well!

Last night, I was shocked, amazed, upset, and filled with laughter (inside) after the fact.  Our oldest son, now 6 years old, never ceases to amaze me with his creativity and antics.  From a young age, Addison has managed to push our buttons and create some small disasters.  He is Dennis the Menace reincarnate!

Last night, the Menace, decided to plug the hall bathroom sink stopper down.  He proceeded to let the water flow freely until it spilled over the counter, onto the floor, and down the hallway!  I was doing dishes.  I should know better than to allow the 2 boys to be in the bathroom, together, unattended, for any length of time!  Addison did come to me, and say "the water's overflowing mom!"  Did he or his brother think to turn it off?  No of course not.  So...I did.  I sent Addison to his room, put Bryan into the bathtub (he still had sticky hands from sugar cookie making).  Then, I started to gather towels.  I recruited the Menace to help clean up the mess.  And, we got it done.  It was just water.  No major damage.  Although, I know our counter (wood particle board) will need to be replaced soon in that bathroom.  The upside!  Plus, we have a very sweet, investigative, and funny child!  God gives us these moments to remind us what really matters.  Love.

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