Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Seasons are changing.  It is now fall.  We can feel cooler temperatures and see changes in the landscape, in our decorations, and in our lives.  Yes, our lives are changing too.  We are aging.  The little ones are growing taller and weigh more.  Us adults are not growing taller, but we may weigh more too.  There are different seasons of life for each of us.  Presently, I am in mother and wife mode.  I am thankful for that.  It is a blessing to be in a season of life where I have completed my education, childhood, and now helping the next generation, our boys, experience their own childhood and education.  Our parents are aging but still active.  It is pure joy to be able to hug them, see them with our children, their grandchildren, and know this is where we are meant to be...for now.  I thank God today for this season of my life, and I hope I can embrace the ones ahead with grace and peace also.

Photographer: Dan Cook
Daniel, Jennifer, Addison, and Bryan Cook, October 2012, Sea World Aquatica

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