Wednesday, December 16, 2009


71. Florida's warm sunshine
72. Palm trees!
73. Safe, smooth flights
74. My dad...he always makes family a priority over the past and present...thanks for coming to get us at the airport!
75. My mom...she has gifts galore for us all, and the Spirit of the Lord is always upon her face
76. My sister...she is with child...a boy!  Jackson we so look forward to meeting you in May!
77. My brother in law, Adam, is an amazing husband and loves my sister with a Godly love that is sacrificial and strong!
78. My sister in laws...they all arrive to Central FL today too!  Dinner date as a Cook family!
79. Bath times...Daniel is a super hands on dad who is willing to help out with keeping our boys clean and happy!
80. Health...our boys and able to play, laugh, and move in so many miraculous ways!
81. Balloons
82. Rudolph's magical blinking nose!
83. Kisses
84. Christmas decor
85. Hope
86. much to learn and so much to imagine!
87. of the finest breakfast creations!
88. Peanut of the finest toppings for carbs!
89. Diamonds...sparkly, timeless, and symbols of everlasting love
90. amazing...they are beyond my understanding!

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