Friday, December 18, 2009


Sally Ryder Cook 1909-2009
Daniel's grandmother's memorial services were yesterday, and they were an amazing tribute to her life.  It was a joy to sit and listen to stories about her, her friends, and her family.  She was truly a remarkable woman.  Today's entry is my top ten tribute to things Sally embodied.  To have known her and to call her family is a treasured gift.  The Lord definitely was present in her passing.  Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever.  Sing praise!

91. Spunk
92. Beauty
92. Butterflies
93. Adventure
94. Genuine interest in the world and others
95. Mother
96. Optimism
97. Bravery
98. Friend
99. Confidence
100. Consistency

Hmmm...this makes 100 for my gratitude list...900 to go!   


  1. This was a very nice post about my grandma. She was always an inspiration to both men and women and she will be missed. I was so glad to have you with me at her funeral and memorial service.


  2. I just got a chance to sign in to your blog! :) This is great!! A GIGANTIC GRATITUDE JOURNAL!! AMAZING!!! :) I love that today I got to read about Sally. :) I miss Grandma Dora and Opal...they were such a huge part of my growing up!! BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who definately molded who I am today! Thank you for sharing this about Sally! Such a blessing to have these amazing women in our lives!