Friday, December 11, 2009

Glimmers of Grace Friday's Findings

8. Baby hiccups
9. Pre-Dawn's quiet times
10. Christmas lights
11. Mary...was brave
12. Joseph...was faithful
13. Jesus came to us and for us as a baby
14. Snotty baby noses
15. Slobber on my hand from a teething child
16. Raspberries...elephant kisses as we call 'em
17. Baby babble
18. Family photos...framed with magical memories
19. Addison's Christmas excitement
20. A heated house
21. Hands on healing of a good chiropractor
22. 10:30 a.m. indoor McDonald's playground...quiet...private snack and play for me and my boys
23. Happy Meals...they really do make every one happy!
24. New toys...from the Happy Meal of course...the Nerf Dart Gun with targets today
25. Nursing a baby successfully in public, under cover of course :)
26. Grocery carts that are kid-sized
27. Laughing as Addison tips over his kid-sized cart twice in his swirling and twirling to shop and look at people/things
28. Healthy kids...despite the fact that my 6 month old was teething on the grocery cart
29. A Potty trained preschooler...he made it to the bathroom during our grocery shopping adventure
30. Salvation Army Bell Ringers
31. Sunny days with snow on the ground
32. Preschool
33. Sleeping baby on errands
34. Target actually gave me store credit for a return without a hassle
35. Last minute Christmas gifts were found and purchased
36. Quiet time to wrap gifts by the lights of our tree
37. Sunlight streaming through big beautiful windows
38. Callie, our cat
39. means we have clothes to wear, water bills paid, and energy to make the machines run
40. Disposable diapers...what in the world did they do with that stuff in Bible days?

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