Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Oaks...

"What we pay attention to is how we spend our lives." A. Voskamp

The Oak trees here are tall, strong, and interesting! 
My friends: Kim, Jenn K., Jenne S. are also! 
It is neat to be on a girl's weekend for the first time. 
I have a sister, but these girls are my friends...
a foundation with roots that run deep into our hearts. 
Friends are like trees...they are God's gift...they provide beauty.

Today I am thankful for...

The Oak trees that stand tall and blow in the breeze.

The fact that this place, Lake Geneva,
reminds me of home (Winter Park, FL)

The whooshing of the wind

The warmth of being indoors with big glass windows to see the day dawning

A cup of creamer with coffee...the girls are trying to convert me into a coffee drinker

Water...after a night of staying up late and drinking many glasses of tastes refreshing

The Girl's Night Box of Questions...For Sassy Ladies Only

Body Wrap at the Abbey Spa

Shopping on Main Street

Enchiladas, chips, and salsa...una cena mexicana de la amiga Jenn K.
(# 613-622)

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