Friday, October 8, 2010

Things "to do" that were "fun to do!"...

Yesterday I took a day off blogging, and I missed it! :)  I had a busier day, but I'm thankful for the things that I was able to do...

Yoga at the gym
Driving to the airport with the excited kids
Picking up dad
Driving the wrong direction and no one minding (I took an extra 20 min. trip north on 29 into a new part of MO!)
Play time with Papa
More laundry
Emails without kids underfoot
Corn dog dinner
Deck time...gorgeous weather lately (minus the mosquitos!)
Bath for Bryan
Boy's bed time
Grey's Anatomy watch time with Daniel
Nielson's Survey ($$$)
Big Bang watch time
Brother's and Sisters watch time
Really enjoy watching things on DVR!

# 656 - 675

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