Friday, October 1, 2010


This weekend is special.  I'm staying at "The Acorns" a cottage on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin with three girlfriends.  It is a weekend for "the girls" away from our families...time with just friends.  It's a gorgeous old 1800s house so between the people and the place there are many things to be thankful for...
596.  Girl time
597.  Wine store on Main St. with a knowledgeable owner for wines
598.  Tasting new wines
599.  Walmart to the rescue...Jenn K. found a "bathing suit" outfit for today's spa day
600.  Cottage built by hands so long ago, and a family story that lives inside
601.  Piers painted white
602.  Waves on the choppy lake and the breeze blowing in our hair...sun shining
603.  Acorns!
604.  Gorgeous tree lined streets with a variety of residential dream homes
605.  Dinner with the girls
606.  Learning new things about one another
607. Grocery shopping
608.  Lounging in PJs
609.  Ice cream!
610.  Reese's peanut butter bars
611.  Talking with our families...gotta love cell phones...we were each in a different room talking with our families last sweet!
612.  Scrapbooks...pages handmade and handwrapped sweetly in pink for us girls by Jenne S...she even made them for girls that could not attend the kind!  A treasure.

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