Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today I've learned that my aunt Linda F. has cancer.  My mom and dad's good friend, Jeanne, also has cancer.  Daniel's mom died of cancer, and Daniel's dad is a cancer survivor. seems to affect every one in some way.  Why God?

Lord God...
I am still thankful for...
586.  Your reassures us.
587.  Your guides us
588.  Your Son...he came and suffered too...perhaps he's the biggest reminder that You ultimately hold our path and our future.
589.  Your endures forever.
590.  Your is our forever.
591.  Our helps us make it through each day because we know You.
592.  The fruit of the is in us and around us.
593.  Friends
594.  Family
595.  Fate...we each have our destiny, and it is in Your hands.

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