Monday, September 13, 2010

455.  A safe trip to OK
456.  Quiet time away from our kids
457.  Alex, our new babysitter, is great!
458.  Bluestem, a great B & B, in Winfield, KS...Bluestem is a perennial grass...type of wheat!
459.  Daniel...he drove many hours this weekend, and he did it all for us to have a great trip together!
460.  Cooler weather on the way
461.  Paint on the way...our foyer will be painted this week
462.  Carpet in bathrooms on its way out and tile on its way in this week!  Hooray!
463.  Shutterfly to make and see our family in action for a year!
464. moments so well
465.  Kind fans...the OU Sooners were pretty kind, and we met fellow NOLES in OK which was fun too!  Win or lose it's how you play the game and the quality of the manners of the fans that follow the teams!  Norman and OK City are really beautiful cities...and OU is a nice campus very similar to FSU's campus.

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