Wednesday, September 8, 2010

423.  Froggy is still alive after night one in his jar home...aquarium to be found by end of the week?!
424.  Ginger Plowman...great author of "Don't Make Me Count to Three!"
425.  God, the BEST author, off to read his book next! :)
426.  Friends...what a joy to read emails from them...old and new.
427.'s what makes our hearts beat.
428.  Daniel's MBA/MHA work is over.  I talked with a girl from church working on hers presently, and she sounded stressed beyond belief.  I'm thankful we've been there and done that.
429.  Community Bible Study
430.  Pool closing...sad but true...our neighborhood pool is closed for the summer season.  However, it marks the beginning of fall and cooler weather!  I'm actually thankful for the change of seasons! :)
431.  Running...I went for a run yesterday with two neighbors...we ran hard, fast (for me), and I feel good today!  Little by little I will try to do the full 4 miles with them...yesterday I did about 2.
432.  Dad's retirement...excited to see him more for longer visits! 

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