Thursday, September 23, 2010


Happy Birthday Dad!  Today's list of ten items of gratitude are dedicated to you...
Thank you for...

536.  Teaching me to be kind to others.  You are a great chit chatter, and that has helped me make friends and be successful at work.

537.  Loving me unconditionally.

538.  Giving of your time and money.

539.  Taking an interest in our kids and in Daniel.

540.  Teaching me to play tennis.  I really do cherish memories of you and me loading the ball hopper into the Miata trunk and playing at Rollins and Azaela Lane.

541.  Indian Princesses...I also cherish memories of camping and playing with you, friends, and Jackie.

542.  Taking us to church with mom.

543.  Making pancakes...they were always so yummy!

544.  Teaching me how to check my tire pressure and oil.

545.  Teaching me how to hammer nails/use a level.

Love you!  Jenn

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