Saturday, September 18, 2010


506.  Coffee for sale...50 cents
507.  Homemade recycled cardboard garage sale
508.  Friday's profits...$10 (3 hours of garage sale)
509.  Mowing the front yard to surprise  Daniel = fun!
510.  Watching my kids dance to "Dynamite" and dancing with them outside in our garage...priceless!
511.  Watching Addison mix coffee...with cups of sugar and milk...priceless!
512.  Watching Bryan explore all his old/outgrown toys...priceless!
513.  Chatting with our neighbors...priceless.
514.  Meeting a new neighbor from the Ukraine, Maryna, and her son, Stephen (Bryan's age)...priceless.
515.  Deciding not to do the garage sale on Saturday = more free time to shop others' sales! :)

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