Thursday, September 9, 2010

433.  Froggy has hopped away.  Addison showed me God's grace by not fussing at me too much when we were transferring him and grass hopper friend to a larger jar Froggy escaped.  Bummer.
434.  Grasshoppery (his name by Addison) is still alive
435.  Daniel is excited about a new job opportunity at Cerner, and I hope it works out for's great to see his enthusiasm about work...he's very motivated to work hard.  He is a dreamer and a DOER!  His clients are lucky to have him! :)
436.  Bryan has started talking a bit more..."buh" (ball), "shush" (shoes), and all kinds of babble of new favorite..."oh!" as he points to new things!
437.  Nose bleed...let's me know I'm alive I guess...the dry/changing seasons are getting to me.
438.  Ice water...tastes so good when you wake up with a scratchy dry throat
439.'s a neat online community to share's nice to know God's blessings are transferred between others.
440.  Feeling good.  Thankful for my emotional stability and peace.  God has brought me out of the pit onto a mountain top...I will praise Him for his faithfulness and the hope he gives me each day!
441.  Wheels on the Bus was one I used in speech therapy days, and now our boys love to play it too!  It's a fun board game!
442.  Craigslist...we've been able to sell some of our baby items, and it feels good to have others want them and for us to have some cash in return for our daily living. :)
443.  Cooler's feeling like fall!

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