Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm thankful that...
476. My KS-SLP license for speech therapy is in!  I will start working with patients this Thursday!
477.  My family is sleeping peacefully even if I'm wide awake?!
478.  Crickets are chirping outside and a train whistles in the distance...I like those sounds...comforting.
479.  Jennifer K. and I had a nice chat on the phone yesterday
480.  My mom is tech savvy enough to call for advice. :)
481.  My sister's son, Jackson, is so darn cute!  It was fun viewing Facebook photos of him last night (thanks Daniel for letting me log on to your account)!
482.  We have a new habitat for Frogger (land toad) and Snaily 2.
483.  We have electricity...I do love lamp light!
484.  We have clean water...reading another blog about a woman's trip to Guatemala...I can only imagine...
485.  We know God.  It's a blessing to have Bibles, churches, and fellow Believers around and in our home. 

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