Friday, September 10, 2010

444.  A happy heart
445.  God's grace
446.  The beauty of nature that surrounds us
447.  The new friends at church I have through Grace Connectors
448.  "I'm a good fisher"...hearing and watching Addison fish and sing yesterday with his Mickey Mouse fishing rod, on a misty afternoon, in a cute hat!  Priceless...wish I had my camera for this!
449.  Bryan is talking more...his vocalizations are finally emerging more rapidly, and he is OH so cute!
450.  Bread delivery later today...thankful that our family has bread and that we can share bread with others who may not.
451.  Playdate at the park later this morning with our friend's from the pirate ship park!
452.  Making homemade ice cream tonight at our church for Olathe's Old Settlers Weekend
453.  Doing smells so good, and the clothes will be fresh for tomorrow's travels!
454.  Date day and night tomorrow with Daniel...we'll be heading to Oklahoma for the FSU OU game! :)

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