Sunday, September 26, 2010

556.  Another win for the FSU football team...GO 'NOLES!
557.  Time with the weekends!
558.  Date to gargage sales with Addison yesterday morning yielded some fun for me and Bryan, toys for Addison, and the best one being a gumball machine (now full of Skittles)!
559.  A monthly Massage time...thank you Daniel for the year long Christmas gift!
560.  Family photos for the church directory...took 1.5 hours...way too long for two kids 4 and 1, but we survived, and we got a good shot!
561.  Hamburgers on the grill...mmm....last night's dinner was so yummy!
562.  Naps on the couch
563.  Sleeping through the night finally!  I'm growing up! :)
564.  Sunday morning fun...we get to teach in Addison's Sunday school class today.
565.  Grace Connector meeting...I'm leading a group of 12 women who will meet 1:1 for 12 weeks...we have our first pre-meeting today!

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