Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear Addison,

Dear Addison,
Tomorrow you turn six years old!  Today you have your final day of kindergarten.  Time is flying by as you grow taller, wiser, and into a little man!  Your dad, brother, and I love you very much.  Last night you and your brother slept together again.  You love to spend time together.  I'm so glad that God gave you one another.

Another boy...another joy.  You are a great big brother.  At times you fight, but as a whole you and Bryan get along well.  You're both little comedians, and you make me laugh a lot!  I'm glad you inherited your father's sense of humor!  I have the patience for it, and he needs it too.

Too tell you dad "God keep growing me!"  You're right!  Your wise words make me smile.  Just the other night we took a trip just the two of us to Publix.  You were talking to me about the difference between boys and girls and your ideas of heaven.  My oh my how I love to hear what you have to say!

Most people say to us that you are very likeable and creative.  You have done very well in your first year of real school.  Two in Kansas and one in Florida.  Making friends quickly is your strong suit.  You get along well with boys and girls!  This weekend we'll celebrate your birthday with a lot of school and neighbor friends!  A Lego themed pool party.  Your love for Legos is grand.  Building endlessly, you always surprise us with your creativity!  A future engineer perhaps like your Papa?  Whatever you become we will be excited to see you grow and mature into the man God made you to be.

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