Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Day 4 of injury...I sliced my hand webbing area between my fourth and pinkie finger on my left hand on this past Saturday.  I was very lucky to not lose a finger!  I had a gracious and helpful husband who helped me prepare for a trip to see Dr. Stieg, my mom who met us at the office to hold my hand, my dad who rushed out to relieve the neighbor who was babysitting our boys, and Dr. Stieg who came into the office on a Saturday to sew me up!  It was a God blessing that it all worked out despite the pain.  I'm learning that my efforts often foil...Pinterest can be dangerously tempting...it makes me reach for things that often do not need to be obtained.  I learned to slow down, and I learned to be more careful with knives!  I hope that no one in our family has to get stitches...it is painful, and I am healing slowly.  I hope to have my range of motion return in the coming weeks.  For now, I'm thankful that this is my first real injury of my lifetime!  I'm blessed.  Pain is temporary, and God is the ultimate healer and protector!

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