Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Bryan,

Dear Bryan,
Happy 3rd Birthday!  I forgot to write to you on your actual day, but I was reminded to do so after watching you sleep early this morning.  You stumbled out of bed with your crazy Einstein-esque hair...saying, "mommy will you sleep with me I'm kinda scared."  Sucking your thumb, you are about the most precious thing on earth.  I am truly blessed with two wonderful boys.

Bryan, you are a smart little boy with a growing vocabulary.  You are a great shot.  Yesterday I watched in awe as you shot basket after basket at Chuck E Cheese in both the kid hoop and the bigger Street Hoop!  I know you will be athletic.  I'm not sure which ball sport will be your favorite, but your dad and I will support and cheer you on for whichever one you choose!  Right now you tell us you want to play basketball and soccer.  We'll see?!

Bryan you are also very independent.  You like to do things by yourself,  but you also will ask for help when absolutely necessary.  Your brother is a big fan of yours too!  You two get along really well, and I love hearing you two giggle and play together.  It is a rare treat!

Three years have passed by quickly, and I know you will continue to grow up before our eyes.  I love that you are still very blonde, and oh so little.  I know you're growing taller little by little, but for now I'm glad you're still my little boy.  Next year you'll go to two days of Mother's Morning out, and then you'll be in preschool and soon enough in Kindergarten!  Don't grow up too fast...enjoy the summer as we continue to swim, play, and eat lots of sweets together!

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