Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Dear Dad-
I saw a great idea on Pinterest for a father's day gift...writing a list of things you remember from each year of your life related to your dad as a gift to your father.  So here goes...

I'm 32 years old, and here are things that I remember from the past years of our life together...
1979 I was born, your first child, and your first daughter
1980 I was one and beginning to walk and play more with you and mom by my side
1981 I was two and you and mom were expecting another baby
1982 I was three years old, and I went to the Wills' house down the street to play while Jackie was born!
1983 I was four years old and attending preschool and Sunday school at FUMC Winter Park
1984  I was five years old and started kindergarten as an Audubon Falcon!
1985 I was six years old, 1st grade, and twirling baton and marching in parades with mom...I'm sure you watched!
1986 I was seven years old, 2nd grade, and I believe by this age we were doing YMCA Indian Princesses
1988 I was eight years old, 3rd grade, and we continued to camp as father and daughter...I loved being your Pretty Rock and having you as my Curly Bear!
1989  I was nine years old, 4th grade, and I got my rake put in by Dr. Nurrell to help me stop sucking my thumb at night!
1990 I was ten years old, 5th grade, and I was selected as the Walt Disney World Dreamer and and mom were there to celebrate by my side!
1991 I was eleven years old, starting 6th grade, and walking to Glenridge Middle School with Sara Coplan.  You worried about me carrying my backpack on one shoulder hurting my back (which it did) with so many books to carry back and forth to school.  It was the cool thing to do!
1992 I was twelve years old, 7th grade and running middle school track and playing volleyball for and mom came to all my meets and games!  I was also playing competitive tennis at many tournaments.
1993 I was 13 years old, 8th grade, and I received a few more awards at the end of the school year.  You and mom were always proud!
1994 I was 14 years old, 9th grade center, and I began running cross country.  You were a great photographer and cheerleader with mom and Jackie too!
1995 I was 15 years old, 10th grade at the WPHS main campus, and I continued to run cross country and decided to dual sport in the spring playing tennis and running track.  You and mom supported me and even gave me my first family Volvo to practice driving.
1996 I was 16 years old, 11th grade, and sports were still my main focus along with studying.  You and mom gave me the 1983 White Volvo station wagon to drive myself to all my activities.
1997 I was 17 years old, 12th grade, and I graduated as one of 7 valedictorians of WPHS.  You and mom were once again very proud of all the accomplishments that I made in sports and in academics.
1998 I was 18 years old, and I started my freshman year at and mom drove me to campus and gave me a new bike so that I could get around campus!  You always saw to it that I was well taken care of...the private dorm included!  You came to my fall collegiate cross country meets and cheered me on again even though I was finishing last in most races.
1999 I was 19 years old, and I started my sophmore/junior year at FSU since I had a lot of credits from high school.  I entered the major of Communication Disorders, and I was excited to have classes in the major.  You and mom continued to come to FSU for visits!
2000 I was 20 years old and completed my senior year at FSU.  I decided to stay on campus for grad school, and you, mom, and Jackie came up for my college graduation along with the Hooks.
2001 I was 21 years old, and I was dating Daniel.  You were accepting of him as he asked for my hand in marriage and even kept it a secret from mom so that I could tell her the good news!
2002 I was 22 years old, and Daniel and I were married at FUMC Winter Park on 10/12/2002.  You walked me down the aisle with grace and love.
2003 I was 23 years old, and Daniel and I moved to Fayette County GA.  You and mom continued to visit us in Peachtree City.
2004 I was 24 years old, and we moved from our apartment into our house in Senoia.  You and mom helped us settle in!
2005 I was 25 years old, and you, mom, and I traveled to New York City for the US Open tennis finals.  It was amazing to see real tennis on the large was great to watch Agassi and Federer play as well as the women.
2006 I was 26 years old, and Addison was born.  You and mom drove all night to be there for his actual birth.  You made it!  Your first grandson was born!
2007 I was 27 years old, and Addison turned 1 year old.  You and mom drove up to Senoia to our new house, and you celebrated the big day with us!
2008 I was 28 years old, and you, mom, and Dan Cook helped us make the cross country trip with the two Ford Escapes and trailer in tow from Senoia, GA to Overland Park, KS...for our move to the midwest.
2009  I was 29 years old, and you flew in for the birth of our second son, Bryan...your namesake.
2010 I was 30 years old, and you and mom continued to visit us in KS at our house in Olathe...for fishing and play time with us and the boys.
2011 I was 31 years old, and you flew out to KS to help me, Daniel, and the boys when I was suffering so greatly with anxiety and depression.  You were an amazing support and confidant during that time.  We thank you for being with us to encourage and support us!
2012 I am 32 years old now, and you welcomed us back to Central Florida.  It is good to be "home", and we love seeing you more often!

Happy Father's Day!  You've watched me and Jackie grow.  Now you have 3 grandsons to watch grow into boys to men as well!  We love you!  xoxoxooxxo

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