Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Day of Rest...

Sunday...thank God!  I think our family needs this day of rest dearly.  It has been a stressful time for Daniel at work, and he is overworked, overtired, and now sick.  He and Bryan both have fevers and will head to urgent care when they open later today.  I praise you God for the health that we do have, and pray that you will heal Bryan and Daniel with the miracles of doctor visits and antibiotics! 

Yesterday was a wonderful day with a morning run with a friend and Addison at Crane's Roost...a park in Altamonte Springs, FL that is truly beautiful.  One mile loops provide an excellent venue for morning work outs.  Addison enjoyed seeing a rat in the bushes, ducks, ibis, and lots of people exercising!  He was the only kid in sight...I'm so proud of his interests and "early to rise" similarities to me!

For me, yesterday also provided a nice break from the kids, and time for Daniel to rest.  The kids went to play at a neighbors house, and I hosted a 31 party!  So much fun!  A really neat product that is inspired by the Proverbs 31 verse.  Products for women that can be personalized...bags, purses, and even home organization stuff!  I got a lot of free stuff for being a hostess, and thank my friends, mom, and aunt for coming and ordering!

Today we will rest, relax, and bask in the Sabbath.  I know God is good, and he is present in our family and in our World.  I hope that others get to know HIM and love HIM as we do.  Amen!

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