Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! 33 years and counting my blessings!

Today I turn 33 years old.  I'm thankful to be "home" in Florida once again.  Thank you to my super sweet husband who was willing to hear my heart's wish and make a move back to Florida possible.  We are blessed to have super jobs on the horizon, and we have our family close by.  Our parents will join us today to have a family photo shoot in our new neighborhood.  We live in a gorgeous piece of Seminole County, and we are surrounded by God's glory!  It will be a different Sunday of church...but we will worship Him!  After family photos I will join my college freshman room-mate for brunch and shopping.  Then it will follow up with a dinner and movie in Winter Park with my dear soul mate, Daniel.  I am celebrating this birthday with joy, peace, and a grateful heart.  Pictures to come soon!

"Act with God in the greatest simplicity.  Speak to Him frankly and plainly." Brother Lawrence

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