Monday, July 30, 2012

The Things My Boys Say...

Ok, so being a speech therapist mom and having two boys and a funny husband...I love the things my boys say!  Bryan is still developing his articulation and vocabulary, and Addison is asking questions now about what certain words mean.  It's great!  Daniel is funny, and my boys have their dad's sense of humor.  I love it!

Here are a few of the cute things they have said lately...
Addison at the library with me yesterday..."mom, what does non-fiction mean?"
Me: "They are the books that are about real stuff.  Fiction is about imaginary things or made up stories.  Non-fiction is about real life."

In the pool...I said: "Addison you need to respect your stuff and your adults."
Addison:  "What does respect me?"
Me: "Respect means taking care of your things and listening to people...being nice."

Bryan's cute words that I love right now "foofall" (football), "cash can" (trash can), & "wuv" (love)

Our boys will continue to grow up, and it is fun to be a part of their growing understanding of the world!  It is a great blessing to be a parent, and God gives me glimmers of His Grace with so many moments in time.  I really liked this quote that I read earlier this morning on the incourage web-site.  It said...Motherhood isn't rocket science.  It's harder.

True.  So very true!  Hope we all continue to meet life's tests as great scientists and know it's all a part of God's grand experiment!

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