Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boys will be Boys...

Glimmers of Grace today are just that...glimmers of grace filled moments with my young boys.  I have to be patient and give them grace when today they have...

served themselves breakfast...goldfish, chocolate donuts, hershey kisses, and a rice krispie treat...all over the living room, wrappers, packages, spilled milk and water;

Addison microwaved a crayon to see what would melted of course...then as I took it out of the microwave with a pot holder I spilled yellow crayon wax all over the tile floor.  Thankfully it scraped up fine with a plastic spoon scraper...praise God for tile on our kitchen floors!

Bryan pooped big time in the potty...then wiped himself using half a roll of toilet paper...roll all unwound on the floor in bathroom and ran around naked with butt semi-wiped while I was on the phone with the roofing/insurance company...pool smears on kid couch.  yuck!  Lysol and baby wipes to the rescue!

Stalled on getting dressed and cleaning up their toys so that we can go to Lowe's for bow and arrow craft and seed/garden supplies.

Whined and fussed at one another about many things.

Watercolor painted the table and paper...thankfully that was cleaned up easily too.

Trashed the office while I've worked on downloading photos from our camera and trying to list things for sale on Ebay. 

One of my favorite quotes applies here...I framed it by our door..."Please excuse the mess, our children are making memories."  Dear God, Continue to give me patience today and every day.  AMEN.

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