Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joy Pops

As we grow in our capacities to discover the joys that God has placed in our lives, life becomes a glorious experience of discovering His endless wonders. unknown

God has awoken me early again! I have two little ones in bed with me this morning. We had a "snuggle party" last night since my husband is out of town. I guess that makes for a crowded but sweet night. I will crawl back in bed to try to sleep again in a bit. Today, I reflect on yesterday and the joys God placed in my life...
went to a room mom meeting...lots of rules and regs, but a blessing to be a part of your child's education,
went to work...sweet to see little children learning the English language who have been struggling just a bit interact more with me and their peers,
went to the dentist...thankful to have insurance & the care of professionals,
gave some clothing to Goodwill...the ability to share,
picked up our son at preschool...seeing him happy after a day of play/learning,
picked up our older son at the bus stop...walking with a preschooler...takes some patience to get a short distance when he wants to walk vs. sit in a stroller,
saw a baby black bear in our very own backyard...God's creation is marvelous,
shared popsicles with the roofers working on our roof...our son has learned how to share and love those who serve,
went to football practice...talked with a mom who has a son with autism...we all have a challenge to face,
went to McDonald's for food isn't necessarily fast, but it does make you smile,
snuggled with my boys on the floor in a pile of pillows to read stories...they are little for such a short sweet time.

Praise God for your gifts today! I'll be on the look out for my new joy pops!

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