Saturday, September 8, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

Last night was full of glimmers of Grace.  I had the chance to have one on one time with Bryan while Daniel and Addison headed to football practice.  I had a stomach ache, but Bryan perked my spirits with his little actions and words that only a 3 year old can muster.  We took a walk to visit the "twipwets" (triplets).  Bryan continues to ride his tricycle with great speed, wearing a helmet of course.  Last night he had to sport his new soccer cleats...even though he doesn't play soccer yet.  I found them at a local consignment store cheap and they are the next size up for him.  Watching him ride in cleats was classic...he didn't have any trouble!

After our visit to the "twipwets", the 7 month old triplets that live down the street, they are too cute!  Their parents are amazing!  We returned home to play indoors.  Bryan wanted to take a bath in our big master bath.  He was doing tricks that reminded me of yoga moves, and throwing his wash cloth and toys to catch or not catch was worthy of calling mom to watch!  When bath time was over, he found my guitar propped up and began to play and sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in his nakedness.  Too precious.  I loved it!

Later, he and I enjoyed some "tackle time" and "Superman" flights.  He is all boy, and I think we will enroll him in soccer or tennis this fall/summer.  He has a lot of energy to burn just like his big brother!  Off to football this a.m.  I'm serving snow cones, Addison is playing a home game, and my mom and father in law will join our family to support the Patriots!  It should be a fun day full of more glimmers of God's Grace.  Have a good weekend!

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