Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Husband, Grandpas, A Bear, and our Boys

Today I saw many "Grace Glimmers..."

Daniel and I woke up early together so we had the chance to have dueling lap tops on the kitchen table, talk time, and morning drinks before starting our day.  I love my morning time with my sweet husband.  He is truly my friend and the love of my life.

Later in the morning my dad and father in law arrived to share Grandparent's Day with Addison.  A special lunch at his school today.  I drove them to meet up with him, and he was excited to share that time with them since in Kansas he didn't have his grandparents to come to the Grandparent's Day at school last year.

Bryan and I left the school and headed to Publix while the others ate.  We had a great surprise on our drive...a brown bear was in a tree!  People were huddled around it taking pictures with their camera phones.  It was 11 a.m. broad day light!  Not sure why the poor cub was in a tree, but I was excited that I had my camera.  I put my flashers on, put the car in park, and rolled down the windows so Bryan and I could see it too from a safe distance.

Publix shopping is always a pleasure, and we headed home to have lunch and bake chocolate chip cookies, Bryan's favorite food!  We picked up Addison at the bus stop, walked home, and played outside for an hour.  Now it's quiet time.  Love the days with my boys!  Thank you God for these indescribable gifts.

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