Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Being the Right Person


This quote struck me this morning as I browsed on Pinterest. Wilfred Arlen Petersen was the author of the quote.  My friend informed me of this through a comment on Pinterest.  She had this said at their marriage.  How fitting.

I wrote about marriage yesterday, and today it felt fitting to follow up.

Marriage is a huge venture, and it is one that God blesses.  This weekend we will attend the wedding of a good friend.  I look forward to watching her and her family celebrate this special occasion.  She and her fiance are excited.  People will be driving and flying in for the special event.  A marriage will happen.  A life journey will begin.  I pray for this couple and for my own marriage this morning...

Dear God,
Help us to BE the right person for our spouse.  We fall in love, and we need to continue falling in love.
The days and years can be long.  Seemingly short at other times.  Help us to perfect ourselves according to Your measure.

You created my spouse and me.  Help us to stay close to You.  Give us strength, courage, faith, and love.  Help us forgive when we forget your will and go astray.  Encourage us with your Word, with prayer, and with fellow Believers.

We are made in Your image.  Help us to be everything you planned and hoped we could be.
One day at a time, may we look to You.
Thank you for your love, our world, and for marriage.


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