Monday, November 5, 2012

Giving and Growing

This John Deere power wheels was given to us by our sweet neighbors in Kansas, Manya and Tim.  They found it road side...ready for the trash.  They gave it to us.  Daniel bought a new gear box and new tires for it, and it has now made it through two more kid drivers.  Addison our older son drove it in Kansas when he was 4-5 years old.  Now, Bryan, age 3 is taking the driver's seat.  We threatened to sell the vehicle last week, but the boys quickly took it from the back of the garage untouched to charging mode and on the road!  They are using it again which is great!  Now, our younger son has grown into it.  He can reach the pedals to drive independently.   How fun!

He personally made it even more fun to watch by loading pumpkins carefully into the rear cargo area.  He then drove around the block and visited neighbors making them smile.  Neighbors whose children have grown, and he brought smiles to many including himself!  God is so amazing.  He turns trash into treasure.

We must treasure these little moments as we give thanks to those who give and watch as children and we grow.  God does that.  He gives us the hearts that want to give and the bodies that continue to grow.  Like it or not, we all age a little every day and night.

Found this sweet scripture quote and photo on Pinterest.  The link is here:

"Megan", the author of that blog, has a printable of it if you wish to print it and hang it up!  I may just do that!
I love the morning time, and I'm thankful to begin the day with worship.  I hope you feel His presence today through giving and growth!  

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