Friday, November 16, 2012


Jesus is the Bread of Life.  We celebrate the sacrifice He made for us by breaking bread.  As we break bread this week at Thanksgiving and at any meal...may we come to him first giving THANKS.  We are truly blessed to be parents of two sons.  I could not imagine giving one up on the cross for others.  God did that.  We are beyond blessed by this sacrifice of love.

I truly enjoy our family table blessings.  We give thanks.  Children too.  We get some surprising and reluctant prayers at times...however, I am so grateful that we have a father at our table who talks to THE FATHER.  My husband is leading by example, and our children watch us.  Addison and I enjoyed a mother-son morning adventure walk-run yesterday.  He was so cute along the way.  He packed Legos in his cargo pants, wielded a plastic ninja sword (prepared for anything), and took an index card drawn with a "map."  He lost the map along the way, but he smiled toward the end of the walk saying, "I'm glad I lost the map.  It would not have taken me this way.  Thanks mom for showing me the way."

We are constantly showing others the way.  What way do we show them?  I pray that we show them that we appreciate life, and that we know the Father.  God is the ultimate gift, and when we have Him...we are truly FULL.

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