Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Words...

Our words can help or hurt.  Words can make a person smile or cry.  Most days we have the opportunity to speak to many people.  I am hopeful that we will choose our words wisely.  Speaking quickly is something I used to do.  My husband in our early years of marriage informed me that I interrupt a lot.  I realized this was so true.  Now, I try very hard to be purposeful about listening and careful to respond.  I still falter at times.  We all do.  God's grace is bountiful.

Our words do not have to be bountiful.  Often people want us to be listeners, patient, kind, and loving.  Children have a lot to say.  We should be okay to stop what we are doing and listen to them too.  They have insights and requests that are important.  We adults get annoyed and busy to easily.  It is God's will that we welcome little children into our lives and love them unconditionally.  God loves me this way, and I hope that I will be able to love others in the same vein.

Off to get dressed for my morning run with a neighbor.  We women do love to chat!  I wonder what we'll talk about today?  What will you talk about today?

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