Sunday, November 25, 2012

N is for Nature

Nature surrounds us.  Thank God!  I truly love being outdoors.  Addison and I started a morning "adventure walk" mother son outing in Kansas a few years ago.  On Saturday mornings, he and I would embark on a nature walk/jog around our home.  In Kansas we lived near a creek, trails, and many beautiful trees.  Here in Florida, we live by a natural spring, trails, and again many beautiful trees.  We are truly blessed.

The blessing of being one on one with a child is enormous in and of itself.  We truly treasure these moments.  About a week ago, Addison and I went out on an adventure walk with the camera, an index card, and a red pen.  I wanted the camera.  He wanted the cue card and pen.  He is really into writing these days.  He has discovered how to sound out any word and put it in print.  Remarkable.

More remarkable are the things we saw on that morning walk.  His list, I have kept on my desk as sweet reminder of that day.  Below are pictures of flowers that caught my interest, and the list of items he saw/heard:

acorns falling
birds chirping
squirrel jumping
cat stretching
baby caterpilr (caterpillar)
fom (foam)
a prsin  (person)
grapfrot (grapefruit)

Spelling errors and odd first grader hand-writing.  So precious.  Thank you God for this sweet note on my desk to remind me to post about this today.  Also thank you for the beautiful flowers that are in our neighborhood...

Okay, just got a notice that I have exceeded my 1GB of free picture storage space.  Off to delete some old/non-relevant images.  Not wanting to pay to upgrade?!  Argh.

Back now...trying to update this entry with some photos:

Still not working.

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