Friday, November 2, 2012

Roots. 5 Minute Friday

"Roots" is today's topic.

I read about a concept called "Five Minute Fridays" on a blog that I follow:Always Alleluia
It is a great idea inspired by:
Write for 5 minutes, unfiltered, each Friday on a selected topic.  Then you link up to another blogger by encouraging them in the comments.  So here I go!

My roots go deep.  My grandparents and parents raised me (and my sister) to be hard working, honest, and have faith in God.  Thankfully, my husband was raised the same way.  Our children thus have deep roots also.

2 Kings 19:30
A remnant of the family of Judah yet again will sink down roots and raise up fruit.

Families were in the Bible.  Those that trust God bear fruit, then and now.  I'm thankful that our kids are able to talk about God freely at home, ask tough questions, and pray with us at each meal and before bed.  I want to be more prayerful at random moments too.  I watched in awe yesterday as a mother prayed next to us in the preschool parking lot.  She was sitting in the front seat with head bowed, and her hands were in the prayer position.  Her children were in the back seat.  She spent time with them, and with her Father.  I told her when we walked up how precious that was.  I didn't know if it was a routine or desperation.  She answered, "my daughter asked me to pray."  Her daughter is only 4 years old.  Her son about 18 months I'm guessing.  This is a mom who answered the call.

Dear God,
Help me to sink down my roots to day and raise up fruit.  Our two boys need you.  When I fill my roots with your Holy Spirit, I can overflow that joy and peace to them.  Thank you for keeping me calm in moments of stress.  Forgive me for when I lose my patience and speak loudly to our children.  They need a calm voice, forgiveness, and love just as we do.  Thank you for your Son.  He walked on this earth, he was Your Fruit.  We are blessed, and we need to be a thankful people.  Amen.

p.s. This was my parenting moment yesterday afternoon.  I made our boys Smores (good mom), I walked away (bad mom), and this was the result above.  Addison was enjoying the mess (not so much eating it), and Bryan was upset (he does not like to be messy).  Bryan ended up in the bathroom for a bath.  Addison ended up in the sink/disposal side, with me talking sternly to him.  Thank you God for reminding to pause, take a picture, and reflect on these wild parenting moments.  You give us the strength to do one moment and one day at a time!

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  1. Jennifer, I love the perspective here, remembering God's design for family, for grace in the wild moments of parenting, and remembering Him in our days as we mother and serve--sinking roots into Him, that we might raise fruit that is good and useful for His kingdom, remembering that he redeems all things. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your day ;) Looks like it was an adventure with the smores ;)

  2. Thank you Kris for reading, encouraging, and seeing the glimmers of Grace with me!