Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Day...

Today is a new day, and I greet the dawn with an empty space in bed.  My sweet husband went to lay with Bryan who was crying in his sleep last night.  They fell back asleep together.  I love it!

Jeremy Taylor says, "The private and personal blessings we enjoy deserve the thanksgiving of a whole life."  This is a great quote in that we do have a mountain of praise that needs to be offered up by the lives we live.  God gives us such amazing individual gifts, and we live in a place where we can glorify him.

Today I've enjoyed my hot tea, time on my favorite web-sites: pinterest, facebook, and twitter, and soon I'll drive to Crane's Roost to embark on a three mile morning run around the lake with my dear friend Christine.  God gave us each other, and for that I rejoice! 

Later today we will rejoice in getting to "meet the teacher" for Addison's 1st grade year.  So fun!  I remember the "meet the teacher" excitement when I attended Audubon Park Elementary like it was yesterday.  Now it is his turn to meet a new mentor and new friends!  We'll see how today unfolds, and I expect it will be a terrific Friday!  Hope yours is too!  Love, JKC

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