Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Gift of Life

The gift of life unwraps itself through time; all we need to do is sit back and enjoy its contents. unknown

This quote sits on my desk this morning.  I love it!  I have enjoyed unwrapping each early morning to see what gifts arrive later in the day when my husband and children wake.  It is a joy to be back in Florida closer to my parents and father-in-law.  We also have special friends in the state too.  This fall we will return to Tallahassee for many football games to "our place."  

The Florida State University is where Daniel and I met.  Back in 1999 we started years of dating, a break up, and a more peace filled reunion that continued with an engagement, wedding, and nearly 10 years of marriage.  Two children, four houses, three states, and many jobs later we have grown up together.  Daniel and I are blessed beyond measure.

To measure the days is futile.  To measure the years is memorable.  Unwrapping the gift of time is at times painful but at other times exuberant.  I love to see what it happening in our lives now, and I hope we will continue to see God's grace each day in the months and years ahead.  May we enjoy the contents!

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