Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Yesterday at football practice, Bryan, Daniel, and I sat and watched big brother, Addison, play.  We were playing too on the sidelines.  Bryan used his Lightening McQueen/Cars sticker book to sticker himself, friends, and his parents!  I had stickers on my cheek, knees, legs, and it was great...kind of.  Being uncomfortable as a mom is something I've learned to accept.  We rejoice in uncomfortable moments because our children are happiest when we go along with their little games.  Bryan was excited to share his stickers and place them in funny places!  It was a brief "glimmer of God's Grace."  He too bares with us when we make silly decisions and accepts us and loves us unconditionally.  Day in and day out we place stickers on others.  How does it make us and God feel when we make our marks?

Today, Addison will also get stickers of a different kind.  The football helmet stickers are being distributed today.  He will sport a stripe and an LB on each side of his little helmet.  Red, white, and navy blue are the team colors and it is precious.  A reminder that our home team is called the "Patriots."  We are lucky to be in a country where where are children can play sports vs. hunt for food or fresh water.  I tell our children often how lucky we are, and God has given us many blessings to be thankful for.  I think our children are getting the message.  Last night Addison picked out his hat for Friday's "hat day" assignment from school.  They are to select a hat to wear on Friday to inspire them to write a story about it.  He quickly ran to the dress up box, and I thought for sure he would return with his police hat or his Clone Trooper Star Wars helmet...no...he came back to me proudly wearing a bright neon orange cap that has inscribed on it "Walk with Jesus."  Wow!  My heart melted.  His heart is where it should be, and I look forward to seeing what he writes about this Friday!  Our sons are growing up, and they each play in different ways.  However, they both are so sweet, and I rejoice in their love of others.

I see our family rule in action..."Love One Another."  I ordered this sign to sit on our mantle, and I love it!  Someone else was creative with stencils to create this work of art!  May you see His art in your life today!


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