Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Rise...Football season has arrived!  The pre-season practices have begun.  There is a sense of excitement in the air as the students return to school and the fall calendar is full of Saturday football games!  So thrilled that we have season tickets for the first time in our ten years of marriage!  We'll join the fellow Seminole fans in the stands at Doak Campbell for some amazing football this fall.  It will be great to share in the fun with our family, friends, and fellow alumni!  I look forward to it! 

Also, we are looking forward to watching our son Addison play football.  He is going to play on the offensive line as a tight end.  He is number 40 so watch out for his blocks and as an eligible receiver perhaps he'll score a touchdown?!  So fun to watch him and his coaches, teammates, and his dad interact about football!  We are learning a lot and meeting some interesting parents on the side lines!  Football attracts all walks of life.  It is a sport that is American and full of toughness!  Go NOLES and Go Patriots!

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